Fort Bragg Quilt Show

The June 2021 Fort Bragg Quilt Show will not be held as an indoor show again this year due to the COVID pandemic. We did not feel that vaccination would be widespread enough to insure everyone’s safety. However, we will be having a 1-day OUTDOOR “On the Fence” quilt display on Saturday, June 26th from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Veteran’s Memorial Building, corner of Laurel and Harrison Streets, Fort Bragg. We will be displaying quilts on both sides of the fence, and we’ll be selling tickets for our Opportunity Quilts (see below) and for raffle baskets! We’ll also have some vendors who will be selling fabric, jewelry, and other wonderful items. Please come back to this page in the next few  months for more details!!

Our 2021 Opportunity Quilts are finished and looking fabulous! Tickets are available now – $5 each or 3 for $10. Contact for more information.                                                                              

“Cetacean Migration”whale cetacean migration

Size:  57” x 73”
Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman
Pieced by the Ocean Wave Quilters
Quilted by Sharon Lau

“Jewels of the Sea”jewel box 2021 - large file

Size: 80” x 90”
Pattern: Traditional Jewel Box
Pieced by the Ocean Wave Quilters
Quilted by Cindi Jo Willey