Forms and Documents

2022 FBQS Expense Request Form

Coast Mask Makers Face Mask Template

Photo Instructions for Coast Mask Makers Face Masks

Written instructions for Coast Mask Makers Face masks

OWQ Member On-Line Biography Form

OWQ Welcome Packet – 9-4-2020

OWQ Membership Form 9-2020

OWQ Expense Reimbursement Request

Committees – 2018-2019

Duties of OWQ Board Members

Blockette of the Month Instructions for Teachers

OWQ Retreat Sign Up Form

OWQ Retreat List – What to bring

Hand Quilting Information and Quilt Frame Instructions


Ocean Wave Quilters Policy – Class and Workshop Guidelines

OWQ Newsletter Procedure

OWQ Policy – Participating in Zoom – 9-4-2020

OWQ Policy – Use of Social Media – 9-4-2020

OWQ Service Committee Procedures – Community Projects

Ocean Wave Quilters Policy – Expense Reimbursement
           OWQ Expense Reimbursement Request Form