GOODY BAGS:  We are currently considering options for our "Goody
Bags"  Click on the link for instructions on making the "Goody Bags."
CHEMOTHERAPY SCARVES:  Our members make chemotherapy scarves to share
with the Mendocino Cancer Resources Center in Mendocino and with the Mendocino
Coast District Hospital cancer center.  Click on the links for instructions and for the
pattern for the chemo scarves.  (Note: to print the pattern to scale, in Adobe, select
File, Print, Poster - the pattern will print on 6 sheets of paper.  You then cut and tape
them together to make the pattern.)
WARM WELCOME:  Our members create quilts for every baby born in
our North Coast communities - whether at our local hospital, in the
local clinics or at home.  
Recommended size for baby quilts:  
36” X width of fabric, or 45” X 45,”
but this is not a strict rule.  

Read this article about our warm welcome quilts!  
TEXTURE OR "TOUCH" QUILTS:  These are lap size quilts made
from fabric that has texture, and are given to Alzheimer and other
patients with dementia. A peaceful state of mind can be gained by
feeling the various textures. Consider adding a pocket or two to the
quilt top for the patient to store a Kleenex or a personal item. Simply
lay the quilt top on your lap to locate the position for the pocket(s)
before sewing.
Recommended size: 24"x24” or up to 36"x36".
CHAPLAINS: These are small quilts the Chaplains at the Mendocino Coast District
Hospital give to patients and families to help them through the healing process, and
provide comfort.  
Recommended size: 45” X 60”or larger.

We also recently provide quilts to the Mendocino County Sheriff's chaplains to help
comfort families with whom they interact.
PET BEDS:  Do you ever think about how many fabric and batting scraps
you toss into the trash?  We recycle them into dog beds!!  We make pillowcases out
of unwanted fabric (or pieced together bits) and then stuff them with scraps.  (Clean
old socks and t-shirts work, too!)  We then donate these pet beds to SweetPeas
(which rescues abandoned and feral kittens and cats and socializes them to be
available to new homes), to the Mendocino Coast Humane Society or to Second
Chance: Helping the Pets of People in Need.  Bring your scraps to our monthly
meetings, or make a pillowcase and stuff it with your scraps, stitch it closed at the
end and bring the finished product to our monthly meetings. Any size pillow works -
cats and pups come in all sizes!
Labels for Members to use for our quilts:
with our colleagues in
the Grapevine Quilters
of Mendocino County
to make quilts for
children who lost their
homes in the Redwood
Valley/Potter Valley

Click on this link to see
the article from the Fort
Bragg Advocate-News:

Fort Bragg
Advocate-News Article